Each year approximately thirty young people choose our boarding house for its familial yet cosmopolitan atmosphere, which is both healthy and conductive to effective studying. Everything is put into place to ensure both academic success and personal wellbeing.

le lycee internatThere are many reasons for becoming a boarder (geographical, family, professional, in order to learn French as a foreign language, etc.). The boarding school is a guarantee of academic success thanks to an effective framework of personalised coaching and teaching. Around a third of our borders are from the local area, whilst the rest come to us from all over the world.


Situated at the heart of our campus, the Lycée Töpffer boarding house presents several advantages:

  • To accomplish their homework and studies our boarders make the most of their personalised study time over the evenings and the weekend, supervised by experienced teachers and the head of house.
  • To cultivate new skills and interests the boarding house organises various cultural, sporting, musical, theatrical, and overall fun activities such as environmental projects, volunteering, and trips to places such as Marrakech, Corsica, Majorca, etc.
  • There is plenty of equipment designed for fun available for our boarders: library, drama room, visual media and beamers, football, basketball and volleyball pitches, skateboarding area with ramps, table football, table tennis, outdoor giant chessboard, swimming pool, etc.

Group dynamics and a positive learning environment encourage our students to take part in a wide variety of activities and deepen, as well as broaden, their general knowledge and culture.


le lycee internat reglementOrganisation and additional regulations


The students, parents and staff of Lycée Rodolphe Töpffer together form an educational community. The rules and regulations have been established to organise school life and work, and to encourage each student to become a responsible citizen.

le lycee activites internatA wide variety of activities are organised for the lycée’s boarders. Sporting and cultural activities are favoured through the regions extensive structures in these domains.

School and boarding staff accompany all trips and visits and participants are expected to follow school and boarding house rules as well as any specific instructions on every trip.

internat week endDuring the weekend the boarders develop time management skills  as they alternate moments of work, cultural experiences and sport. Activities are put in place according to students’ personal preferences, the study period timetable, the weather and what’s on in and around Geneva.