We follow the Swiss programmes known as 9ème R3, 10ème R3, and 11ème LS, which correspond to the three-year lower secondary Genevan system. These classes are also referred to as 6ème, 5ème, and 4ème in our establishment and are the equivalent of 6th to 8th grade in the US and years 7 to 9 in the UK systems.



secondaryAs well as the official programme for each class, the lycée offers:

  • two foreign languages in every class: English and German. As from the 10ème (or 5ème as it is known in the French system) students may opt to replace German with Spanish or Italian as from the 11ème (or 4ème as it is known in the French system). Cambridge, Goethe-Institut and DELE exams are prepared at every level.
  • English for native/advanced learners for our bilingual students
  • French as a foreign language for non-French speaking students
  • daily private study periods, supervised and tutored by our teaching staff, enabling students to get ahead in written homework assignments before leaving school
  • optional lessons including I.T., coding, Chinese, Latin and drama
  • all-day schooling which includes various sporting and cultural activities

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 to 5pm
Wednesdays from 8:15 to 12 noon
Fridays from 8:15 to 2pm

  • optional classes and study hall on Wednesday afternoons
  • refresher and advanced classes on Friday afternoons integrated into the timetable

Please Note:

  • In order to ensure optimal learning conditions, maximum class size is 20 students.
  • Study hall and Friday refresher classes are included in the fees.

Our Objectives

As well as those expressed in the presentation of our lycée, our specific objectives in secondary I are:

  • for students to enter and cross the period of adolescence in a healthy, respectful atmosphere that is favourable for studying.
  • to encourage learner autonomy and solid bases and methodology which motivate students to continue towards a baccalaureate, a Swiss maturité or other diplomas.

 Please Note: At the end of the 11ème class (Genevan system) also referred to as the 4ème class (French system) (Year 9 in UK, 8th grade USA) which corresponds to the end of obligatory schooling in Geneva, our students have the following choice:

  • direct entry (without entrance exams) into public secondary system in Geneva (known as collège) with the Swiss Maturité exam or other high school studies as objective (Lycée Topffer is recognized by the Public Education Department of Geneva)
  • continuing in the lycée towards a French baccalaureate which gives access to all universities and schools of further education in Switzerland, France, and internationally.

Baccalaureate Classes

Preparation for the French baccalaureate exams ( 3ème, 2nde, 1ère and terminale classes)

    The French baccalaureate is a world-renowned springboard towards successful further education. It opens the doors of all Swiss and foreign universities and schools. It is obtained with an overall pass of 10/20 with a coefficient system and no minimum qualifying grade.

More than a simple diploma, the French baccalaureate develops an analytic mind and an in-depth general culture.