School and full boarding fees :

   School Year
(Sep. - June)
 1st term
(Sep. - Dec.)
 2nd term
(Jan - March)
 3rd term
(April - June)
 A. Without weekends:   CHF 43,000 CHF 17,200 CHF 12,900 CHF 12,900
 Temporary stay : CHF 1,500 per week
 Occasional weekend :  CHF 600 per week-end   
Sunday night return :  CHF 2,900 for the school year
 B. With weekends : CHF 56,000 CHF 24,400 CHF 16,800 CHF 16,800
Occasional stay : CHF 2,000 per week  

* All our fees are in Swiss Francs (CHF) All taxes included.

Registration Fees

500 CHF for each new student, to be paid upon registration, non-reimbursable.


2,000 CHF paid back without interest upon the student’s departure and payment of all dues towards the lycée.


School fees, full board including snacks bread, chocolate, fruit), daily monitored study hall, Friday afternoon refresher and advanced level classes, I.T., Art, theatre, Latin, French for non-French speakers, advanced English for native speakers, trips and activities organised by the lycée, preparation to language exams such as Cambridge, Goethe-Institut, … For weekend boarders laundry is also included, as well as supervision during bank holidays (Pentecost, Ascension, 1st May, Jeûne genevois).

Not included

Pocket money, books, school equipment, class photos, residency permit, (for foreign students), private lessons,  robotics club,  optional theatre show class, health and accident insurance (including obligatory civil responsibility insurance),  medical appointments, shuttle to/from airport or station, laundry repair, damage caused by students, examination inscription fees, extra-curricula activities, winter sports equipment rental. Pocket money is not given without  prepayment by parents to the lycée.

Family reduction

Siblings attending the lycée simultaneously are eligible to a reduction on the day school  fees of the younger child(ren): 25% for the second child and 40% as from the third.


 Optional subjects

Options Schedules Classes Fares
telecharger pdf 
 Latin *  2 hours per week, intergrated into class timetable  All secondary classes  Included in school fees
telecharger pdf Chinese  2 hours per week Primary to 3ème ( 9th grade/Year 10) CHF 330 per term
telecharger pdf  Advanced English programme  2 hours per week  Secondary school up to 3ème (9th grade/Year 10)  Included in school fees
telecharger pdf  French for non French speakers (FLE) *  3 hours per week Primary to 3ème ( 9th grade/Year 10)  Included in school fees
  Extra foreign languages*  To be defined upon request  All classes  Depending on level
telecharger pdf

telecharger pdf
Preparation for external language exams (Cambridge, Goethe-Institut…)  1 hour per week on Fridays afternoon   Primary to Seconde (10th grade/year 11)   Included in school fees
telecharger pdf  I.T.  (B2i)  1hour per week  Secondary up to 3ème (9th grade/Year 10)   Included in school fees
telecharger pdf Video game creation workshop  1hour per week  Primary to Seconde (10th grade/year 11)  CHF 330 per term
telecharger pdf Drama class for end of year show  1.5 hours per week  All classes  CHF 330 per term
telecharger pdf Preparation of Maths competition “Kangourou”   1 hour a week, on Friday afternoons in the 2nd term  All classes  Included in school fees

 *Optional subjects that are included in the end of term and end of year reports

 BANK details : UBS AG, CH-8098 Zurich : Lycée Töpffer Sàrl, IBAN CH82 0024 0240 2759 7400R, Code Swift UBSWCHZH80A


  • An inscription (or re-inscription) is registered upon reception of the completed and signed registration document and the settlement of registration fees.
  • By signing the inscription documents, parents and/or legal representatives agree to meet the conditions of fees and to settle the entire fees for the school year. Inscription renewal will depend on the compliance to these financial obligations.
  • Invoices are to be settled within 30 days.Any term commenced must be paid in full, even in case of absence, departure or permanent exclusion of the student.
  • The school must be informed of any permanent interruption of schooling in writing 30 days before the end of term.
  • The lycée has the right to reclaim compensation equivalent to three months fees for any inscription cancelation less than a month before the start of school.
  • The principal reserves the right to exclude any student at any moment in the case of non-respect of the school rules.
  • The school is under the legal jurisdiction of the city and canton of Geneva, Switzerland.