internat week endDuring the weekend the boarders develop time management skills  as they alternate moments of work, cultural experiences and sport. Activities are put in place according to students’ personal preferences, the study period timetable, the weather and what’s on in and around Geneva.

Study hall and activities

The lycée combines pleasant and useful activities to enable students to both relax and progress with their learning. This objective takes the form of personalised study time along with cultural visits, not forgetting sporting and entertaining activities, including those designed to promote environmental awareness.

Personalised study time

Our boarders are free to organise their own weekend timetable, taking into account their personal interests, activities organised by the boarding house, and their preferred working rhythm – as long as they undertake between three and ten hours of private study time per weekend under the supervision of boarding staff. The amount of study time varies according to their school results and the moment of the school term. Group motivation and dynamics creates an appropriate atmosphere in which to study and deepen general knowledge.

Cultural Activities

We organise touristic visits to places such as Lyon, Neuchatel, Lausanne, Martigny, or Turin, theatre and cinema outings, visits to museums and exhibitions (fairs and exhibitions for press, books, students, arts, etc.). End of term trips are regularly organised to places such as Barcelona, Paris, Marrakech and elsewhere.


To ensure an element of fun in our boarders' experiences we organise outings to the car show, bowling, billiards, table tennis and table football, aquatic theme parks, climbing, go-karting, etc.

Sporting Activities

A healthy physical lifestyle plays an important role in a successful school life and so we prioritize sporting activities that our boarders enjoy, for example: judo, swimming, football, mountain bike, exercise classes, basketball, skating, skiing, snowshoes, etc.

Environmental Awareness

Whatever outing is organised, we use the opportunity to raise awareness concerning the students’ environment and how we can preserve it.

We also  regularly take part in various volunteer activities for diverse associations and charities.