le lycee internat reglementOrganisation and additional regulations


The students, parents and staff of Lycée Rodolphe Töpffer together form an educational community. The rules and regulations have been established to organise school life and work, and to encourage each student to become a responsible citizen.

I Organisation and timetable

1. Students are woken at 7:15 am

2. Breakfast is served between 7:15 and 7:45 am. It must be taken in the dining hall.

3. In case of illness:

A student who feels ill should inform the school assistant before the start of class at 8:15am.

Medicine cannot be kept in the bedrooms; it should be handed to the head of house, who must be informed of all prescriptions and treatment. The head of house is responsible for distributing medicine to boarders. These measures prevent any potentially dangerous mixing of medication or inappropriate self-medication.

4. The start and end of classes are according to class timetables, normally between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm.

5. Between the end of classes at 5pm and the evening meal at 6:45pm students who are authorised to may, if they inform the head of house, leave the premises. Students from primary to 11ème (4ème in the French system, Year 9 UK and 8th grade USA) must tell the head of house where they are going and with whom (they are not allowed out alone), their outings are limited to 30 minutes and they are expected to stay close to the school. Any unannounced late return will be sanctioned.

  • Outside the school premises students are under the responsibility of their parents.
  • On campus and during the various trips and visits organised by the lycée, students are expected to show exemplary behaviour.
  • Students may enrol in extra-curricular activities with permission from the direction and head of house.
  • All food delivery is strictly forbidden, except on Sundays from 10am to 5pm upon prior request to the person in charge of the boarding school.

6. Parents or legal representatives must immediately inform the head of house if any boarder is or will be late or absent, by phoning (+41 22 703 51 21 or +41 79 847 79 40).

7. From 6:45pm boarders are not allowed to leave the premises except for with special request from parents by email given 24 hours in advance (for events such as family meals, birthdays, sporting events)which will be permitted by the head of house (depending on school results and behaviour). During the exams no evening outing will be allowed, including at weekends.

8. Obligatory study hall takes place from 7:30 to 9pm (or 8:30pm for younger students). During this time it is forbidden to listen to music, use of mobile phones and computers is forbidden without specific request. At 8:30pm the younger students may go to take a shower. At 9pm an evening snack is available for all boarders.

9. From 9:30pm for primary boarders, and from 9:30pm for 9ème to 11ème, and from 10pm for older students, the boarders prepare for bed, silence is expected and outdoor games are forbidden.

10. From 10pm all boarders must be in their corresponding storey (for boys and girls). Mobile phones and computers must be turned off. Lights out is at10:15pm (9:15pm for younger boarders). Students in 1er and terminale classes may read or work until 11pm. Showers and hair dryers are forbidden after 10:30pm.

11. The head of house and boarding staff are available for boarders throughout the night.

II General regulations

1. The lycée is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Students are therefore strongly advised to leave any money or objects of values at home, or to give them for safekeeping to the head of house of school office. Boarders are provided with room and cupboard keys on arrival in exchange for a deposit of 50 Swiss francs per key. The lycée will not forward money to boarders without a previous deposit.

2. Boys are not allowed up to the girls’ storey and girls must not enter the boys’ rooms. Infraction of this rule will led to immediate and definitive expulsion of all students concerned.

3. Boarders are not allowed to bring outsiders or day students into the boarding house with the permission of the head of house.

4. Incense and candles are forbidden in rooms for safety reasons. Food and sweet drinks are also forbidden in the rooms for hygiene reasons, except for plain biscuits and candy.

5. No coffee machines or kettles are allowed in the rooms. TVs and game consoles are also forbidden.

6. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted in the lycée. All consummation of alcohol is strictly forbidden. Regular checks are made in rooms and cupboards.

7. Tobacco and its consummation are equally forbidden in and around the lycée. The possession of electronic cigarettes is also forbidden in the boarding school.

8. Any drug, whatever the quantity, also any equipment related to the consummation or sale of drugs brought onto the premises will be immediately sanctioned by permanent exclusion. Regular checks will be made in the rooms and if necessary physiological tests will be carried out.

9. All music is forbidden during study time and after 10pm. Music of an acceptable noise level is permitted during recreation time.

10. Rooms can be styled according to the boarder’s taste, however vulgar and violent posters or images will not be accepted. Please Note: pin, nail or screw marks outside permitted areas must be renovated at the parents’ charge, as with any other deterioration in the room.

11. Any voluntary or accidental deterioration or damage must be reported to the head of house as soon as possible, failure to do so will result in the cost of reparation being divided between the room’s occupants, regardless of responsibility.

12. The furniture may only be moved upon agreement with the head of house or school administration.

13. The allocation of rooms is decided by the head of house according to students’ age, class, length of stay, etc. Any room changes must first be discussed with the head of house.

14. Rooms must be kept tidy, items must be put away and the beds made. If this is not the case the room will be locked and access denied between 9am and 7pm.

15. Swimming in the pool is only allowed under supervision and with correct attire.

16. Boarders may bring a computer or other connected device. Wifi is available throughout the campus, a document detailing internet use and rules is signed by both students and parents.

17. Boarders can receive calls at the following telephone number +41 22 703 51 21. Except for in case of emergency parents are asked to call or visit before 10:30pm.

18. The head of house can be contacted at +41 79 847 79 40 or by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

19. A quarterly behaviour report is emailed to parents.

III Weekend organisation


Trips and visits are organised by the school administration or head of boarding house.

On Saturdays and Sundays the lycée organises sporting, cultural or entertaining activities alongside study periods (between three and ten hours of supervised study hall per weekend) depending on the needs of each student as well as school events such as exam periods etc.  

Please note:

  • Students who are not registered for weekend stays may remain occasionally at the boarding house upon advanced request by mail to the school administration or head of house ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Boarders are only allowed out in the evening at weekends with advanced agreement from parents and the head of house and outside exam periods.
  • The school is closed during bank holidays and school holidays. Students enrolled for weekends can stay at the school on the following bank holidays (Pentecost, Ascension, 1st May, Jeûne genevois).

The head of house is present to welcome returning boarders from 5pm onwards. The evening meal is served at 6:45pm, followed by supervised study hall between 7:30pm and 9pm (8:30pm for younger students). The boarders can then appreciate time to relax before bedtime. A regular arrival time that does not disturb study time is appreciated; the head of house must be informed of this expected arrival time.

Please note:

  • Boarders who do not normally arrive on Sunday evening may do so exceptionally after advanced request from parents to the school administration or head of house.
  • Non-weekend boarders must not arrive before Sunday 5pm unless an advanced request has been made.
  • Boarders must not leave the campus after 6:45pm on Sundays unless an advanced request has been made.

These rules apply to both minor and major boarders. The school administration, represented by Maya Gabioud and Joseph Gabioud reserve the right to apply sanctions in case of non-respect of school rules.

The Administration